Human Tells Her Pup Zeus It’s Time To Get Of The Car. Zeus Protests With The Most Hysterical Tantrum

His name is Zeus, and he is a big Siberian Husky! Zeus loves chilling out in his back of car spot. He is also 7-years-old and has built up a healthy dose of attitude throughout the years. So when he doesn’t get his way, he will let you know!

The most recent incident was when Zeus was chilling in his owner’s Honda CRV. They took a cruise and then headed home. But Zeus was like, “the rides over?” He was just getting comfy! So when the hatch is popped, the last thing Zeus wants to do is hop on out. Instead he goes into an epic temper tantrum! Didn’t matter what the owner said, Zeus was not going to budge.

It was almost as if he was trying to tell his owner to get back in the car herself, and continue the cruise! In any event, this big guy is a very beautiful, and very expressive Husky! Amazing and adorable how he argues with his owner while refusing to move!

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